Where is your studio?
I come to you!  I am currently not holding any paint parties out of my home studio.

Are your prices competitive?
If you look around at other local, paint party instructors in the area, you will find that my prices cannot be beat!  Also, please remember that art supplies are included and are expensive, and I only use the highest quality supplies.

Are your paint parties for kids or adults?
Both!  I do kids parties (ages 6 and up), grown up parties and mixed parties too!  I love working with kids (and am great with kids), but love working with “kids” my own age too!

What types of activities can I have a paint party for?
Paint parties are just a fun and unique way to celebrate in general!  There are so many reasons to incorporate a paint party into your fun and the paintings we make can be tailored to your event.  Here are just a few suggestions –
— Birthday parties
— Back to school parties
— Sports Team Parties (soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, swim, etc.)
— Holiday Theme Parties (halloween, christmas, valentines, etc.)
— Home school art parties/lessons
— Church/Groups or Gathering
— Charity/Auction Parties for schools or organizations
— Girl Scout & Boy Scout Troops
— Graduation Parties
— Going off to college Parties
— Anniversary parties
— Girls Night Out parties
— Baby Showers
— Corporate/Work offsites or team building
— Sorority parties / Going off to college parties
— Bachelorette parties
— Any other reason to party!

How do the paint parties work?
You dream up the theme and I will dream up the painting we will make together.  I walk the painters through the painting very easily, step-by-step, so it’s easy for everyone to follow and we are all going at the same pace. Everyone will paint the same thing, but each painter can choose his/her colors and add their own elements!  Each painter will leave the party with their gorgeous 11 x 14 masterpiece on canvas!

What kind of art or painting experience do me/my guests need to have?
ANYONE can create a painting, with my easy-to-follow, step-by-step method of teaching.  Seriously, anyone!!  Zero painting experience is required.

When do you show up?
I will come to your house or event location approximately 30-40 minutes early to set up. Once all your friends arrive, I will begin the painting lesson right away.

What do I need to provide for paint parties?
— Table space for each painter. (Preferably all facing in the teachers direction. Long tables work the best!)
— A small, separate table for the art teacher to set up and teach from.
— Optional: Tablecloths to protect the table from spills, chairs for the painters to sit, aprons or oversized t-shirts for painters to wear over their clothes.

What does Art With Jenny provide for paint parties?
— Table top easels, canvases and all paint supplies for painters.
— Painting entertainment for that lasts approximately 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the complexity of the painting.

How much do paint parties cost?
Our fabulous paint parties start at $299.00 for up to 10 painters.
— $299.00 for up to 10 painters
— $25.00 for each additional painter after 10 people
— *Please note that my pricing includes all of my time plus my costs such as canvases, high quality paints, etc.  I accept CASH or CHECKS ONLY for birthday parties.  Sorry, no credit cards taken.

Do I have to absorb all the costs if I host a party?
Some people choose to pay for the paint party themselves, and others choose to ask their guests to bring $25 for the painting portion of the party.  It’s your choice!  If you decide to have your guests bring $$ for the painting portion of the party, please note I collect one payment from you and you collect the $$ from your guests.

Do you have any travel fees?
Yes.  I’m happy to travel to your location, but do ask for a travel fee to cover my extra travel time and gas.  Here are the travel charges:

Free (No Travel Fee) — Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto

$45.00 extra Travel Fee — Saratoga, Los Gatos, Palo Alto Hills, Menlo Park, Atherton, North San Jose

$100.00 extra Travel Fee — Foster City, San Mateo, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San San Francisco, Central & South San Jose

How do I sign Up for a Paint Party?
Please email us at jenny@artwithjenny.com with the following information to request a painting party date!

— Your first and last name
— Type of party you are having (birthday, sports party, school party, etc.)
— If it’s a birthday party, the birthday child’s name and age they are turning
— Your email address and best phone # to reach you
— Address of the party
— Suggested party date and time
— Second choice date and time
— How many people you are inviting to participate in painting
— Suggested painting theme

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, a $100 deposit is required to guarantee a reservation & party date. Remaining balance due on party date.  Deposits can be made via Paypal, Square or via personal check.  I do not take credit cards over the phone.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation of parties or special events must be made 48 hours prior to the day of the event. Parties with late cancellations will not be refunded $100 deposit.

I have more questions.  What’s the best way to contact you?
Please email me at jenny@artwithjenny.com.  I prefer email and usually get back to you (and answer all your questions) right away.  If you don’t hear back from me right away, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.


There are so many after school classes, why choose Art With Jenny?
There are so many reasons!  Many art classes focus on art history, technique and repetition.  I find that for most children, this stuff is boring!  My classes focus on making cool projects the kids will love, using their creativity, expressing themselves, thinking out of the box, and having fun.  In my classes, mistakes are OK and part of the process.  I encourage the children to be proud of their work and encourage them to think beyond “just getting it done“.  I often ask questions like “What else could you do to make this better?  What’s your favorite thing about your project?  What’s your favorite thing about your neighbors art project, and why?”  Also, kids are allowed to make a mess in my studio (unlike at home) and get to bring home beautiful works of art each week.  Art is becoming less of a priority in schools these days, and art proves to be so important for kids of all ages for so many reasons!  Click on the links below to read a few great articles about the importance of art in our children’s lives!!
— The Importance Of Art In A Child’s Development
— Top 10 Skills Children Learn From The Arts
— The Importance Of Art In Child Development
— Benefit of Arts To Kids

In my Art Classes, I promote:
— Making Art Fun
— Creativity
— Mistakes are OK
— Learning from mistakes and turning them into something beautiful
— Friendship & Kindness
— Complimenting Other’s Art
— Confidence Building
— Skills Development

Where is your studio?
I come to your school!  I am currently not teaching any classes out of my home studio.

I would love Art With Jenny to teach an after school art class at my child’s school.  Where do I get started?
Usually, the first place to start is by checking with your school’s PTA, after-school activities coordinator, your school’s principal or whoever is in charge of organizing after school activities!  Once you contact that person, please find out the following –
1) Is the school is willing to have an after school art enrichment class held on campus?
2) If so, for what ages?
3) Does the school have a room available after school for me to teach out of?
4) If so, on what days of the week is there availability?
Once you have this information, please email me at jenny@artwithjenny.com for more information on setting up an after school art class at your school.

How do you teach your classes?
I teach in a variety of different ways and like to mix it up so the kids don’t get bored. Some lessons are teacher led, line by line where the entire class is doing the same thing at the same time.  Other lessons are much more interpretive and allow the children much more freedom. Some lessons start teacher led and end in the students finishing the art in their own way.  In all cases, children are always allowed to choose their own colors and add their own elements and vision to their art.

Do you teach any art history?
I might make a reference to the Mona Lisa or Monet for example, but I do not include much art history in my lessons.  Although Art History is very important and I personally love learning about it, I find it boring for most kids in K – 6th grade.  My classes are contemporary, interesting to kids and fun!

What is your background in art?
I am completely self taught, but should also credit hundreds of artists that teach their amazing art techniques on Youtube.  Back in my college days, I went to UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a major in Sociology and a minor in Health Science.  My love of art didn’t enter my life until I was an adult.  I call myself an “accidental artist”.

What should my child bring to art class?
Nothing is needed!  If you’d like, you can send your child with an apron or an old, oversized t-shirt to protect their clothing. (Note – it’s a good idea for the children to wear short sleeves to class, as long sleeves can get in the way and can easily get paint on them.  It’s also a good idea for girls to pull long hair back into a ponytail or bun.)  Many kids also like to bring a labeled water bottle, but please no snacks.

What is your sick child policy?
Please, please, please don’t send your children to art class if they are sick.  Keep them (and their germs) to themselves.  This includes bad colds where the child is coughing or has a constant runny nose.

If my child misses a class, what is your make-up policy?
Unfortunately, I do not have a makeup policy.  It just becomes an administrative headache to track everyone’s vacations, sick days and missed classes and then try to fit them into another one of the classes.  Also, many of my classes are already filled. Sorry!

Will my child come home with their artwork at the end of each class?
Usually.  I will never send your child home with WET PAINT artwork for you to deal with.  I have drying racks that I use and prefer to hold onto the work until the next week when it’s dry and ready.  So, usually the kids will come home with last-weeks artwork.  Also, some of my lessons will take 2 weeks or more, so in those cases, artwork will come home a little slower.

My child is a true beginner with art.  Will she do Ok in your classes?
Absolutely!  All of the kids have different abilities and my classes cater to all levels of art.  I try to make each individual feel good about their personal styles, work and accomplishments.

I’ve been told my child is more of an advanced artist.  Will he be bored in your class?
No.  I cater to all different levels of art.  If your child is more advanced, I will encourage them to do more detailed artwork up to their ability.  Some kids will be happy just painting the tiger we are making in class.  Other kids will paint the tiger with great detail, and then add highlights, hills, grass, trees, birds in the trees, a sunset, etc.

I’d like my child to learn art techniques and practice repetition.  Will you teach that?
If you are looking for an art class for your child to learn about art history and/or practice techniques over and over, this probably isn’t the right class for you.  I am upfront about the fact that my classes focuses more on making kid-focused projects that the kids will enjoy, rather then teaching techniques and history.  This is more of a “fun” class and after school activity than a serious one.  (That said, I definitely do teach certain techniques from time to time, show technique videos when appropriate and demonstrate techniques when appropriate!  I believe that kids learn the most when they are enjoying what they are doing!)

I see you are halfway through a session.  Can I still sign up my son?
Absolutely!  If there is space, we will be happy to accept your child into the class and pro-rate the cost for you.  Each week brings a new project, so your child will never feel “behind”. Please email me at jenny@artwithjenny.com to get a special pro-rated rate.

I’ve registered my child for a class but need to cancel.  How does this work?
For weekly classes please notify jenny@artwithjenny.com at least seven (7) days prior to the class start date.  This will give me enough time to fill up the class from my wait list.  Once I receive your email cancellation, I will refund your money in full.  

The class I wanted is full.  Is there a waiting list?
Yes.  If you are on the waiting list, I will let you know as soon as a spot opens up.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Absolutely!  If you or your child decides this isn’t the right class, just let me know BEFORE your third class and I’ll be more than happy to refund your money in full.  No hard feelings at all. (Applies to new students only.)

Why do you charge for each session upfront?
Being such a small business, it’s so much easier for me (payment-wise) to only collect payments a few times a year.  Less time on administration and more time for creativity!

Are your prices competitive?
If you look around at other local, private art classes in the area, you will find that my prices cannot be beat!  Also, please remember that art supplies are included and are expensive, and I only use the highest quality supplies.


Are all of your classes drop-off, or does a parent need to attend also?
All of my classes are drop off.  If you have a child who’s nervous in new situations, the parent is of course welcome to stay for as long as the child feels comfortable!

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Yes! I know after school classes add up if you have more than one child!  If you are enrolling two or more of your children in the same session, I will give you $10.00 off for each additional child PER SESSION. Please email me for this promotion code before you register.  No sibling discounts are given after registration, so please make sure to get your code before registering.

Do you offer private painting lessons?
I do not offer private painting lessons at this time.

Do you offer charitable donations?
Absolutely.  I love to support my local community!  In 2015, I donated to the following school auctions & charities:

The Nephcure Foundation
— St. Simon School Auction
— Pinewood School Auction
— Santa Rita School Auction
— Covington School Auction
— Springer School Auction
— Benjamin Bubb School Auction
— Cherry Chase School Auction
Please email me at jenny@artwithjenny.com for future donation requests.

I have more questions.  What’s the best way to contact you?
Please email me at jenny@artwithjenny.com.  I prefer email and usually get back to you (and answer all your questions) right away.  If you don’t hear back from me right away, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

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